It is definitely worth asking yourself this question- Your home, is it really as secure as you need it to be? What security measures do you have in place and are they really working? We live in times of very real economic and social problems such as unemployment and criminal activity is at an all- time high. It seems that the police are catching a percentage of the criminals but more than 65% are never arrested or brought to justice, then those that are caught are often given very lenient sentences or get off entirely on a legal technicality when they obviously were guilty.

Violent crime is constantly on the increase while our children are spoon- fed a lethal diet of violent TV, Film and Computer game imagery that is bound to affect their behaviour and their overall view of the world. All too often violence is seen as the most appropriate response in almost any challenging situation. The media seems to idolize and stylize violent characters and actively encourage young people to admire and aspire to the gangster criminal culture with its drugs, prostitution and violent behaviour. We can do nothing to change this tide of what appears to be criminal encouragement but we can protect ourselves, our loved ones and our property from theft and harm.

Even if you have nothing in the way of security equipment installed in your home, you can still safeguard it by being vigilant at all times. This means being very cautious whenever an unexpected visitor arrives at your front door, if you have a chain, use it, that's what it is for. Hold your foot against the door when it is opened to strangers, so if they try to force their way in, you can prevent this. Only hold the door partly (not entirely) open when opening your door to strangers to prevent them from seeing or getting in - if they are there in any kind of official capacity, then always ask to see their credentials or official ID cards to verify their identity.

Refuse any kind of questionnaire or survey at the door also refuse any kind of door to door sales pitching as this can often be a front for a criminal to gain access and information prior to a robbery. Whenever you are planning to go away on holiday or anything like that then try to keep it to yourself as much as possible and avoid broadcasting it either in person or on the internet on chat sites or social media as this is a green light to criminals who will want to burgle your house unchallenged while you are away.

Tell your children repeatedly never to talk to strangers, accept gifts or sweets, never to accept rides and explain to them what can happen if they let their guard down. Consider learning a martial art and get your other family members to also as it is a valuable skill to have if you are ever attacked or need to defend yourself from violent encounters. Keep your house doors and windows well locked when you are away from home and if you have a fence at the rear of the property keep it well maintained.

Remember to lock up your shed if you have one and consider the fact that many burglars avoid carrying tools with them as this would constitute going equipped for robbery if they were stopped by the police, so they often take whatever tools they need from a garden shed to break in with so don't make it easy for them, keep your tools well locked away and out of sight if you can.

Always lock your car and if you don't have an alarm then make sure it at least has an immobiilizer - these are points worth considering when you are going to buy a car is how easy it is to steal. You can check this information on the internet. These are all points to think about that will cost you nothing... also it is a good idea to spend money and buy security equipment and we will discuss that in another page. You can also check on ways to secure your home from burglars at the Metropolitan Police Web Site.

Another very effective deterrent and aid to catching criminals and vandals is the CCTV camera system which can be a very powerful visual deterrent to any would be thief when they see one. They will simply move to a house that is easier to burgle, after all, the last thing they want tis to be filmed in the act of breaking in as it is often very damning evidence in court.If you decide you want to consult a security firm for advice regarding these issues, Protive Security are an excellent choice if you happen to live in the Manchester or Cheshire area.